So to Budapest.

I’m sure I’ll read this back in a few weeks/months/years, (I’m hoping for weeks) and be in a better place. I’m in an odd place at the moment.

The last year was a bit of an epic one. I was hanging on to a life that had already gone. The longer I held on, the longer it seemed to get stale or something. The only way out seemed to just get out.

So here I am. Sad in a flat in Budapest, writing this.

I’m not even sure why Budapest, I think the decision was solely made on the fact that there are loads of thermal spas here…more than anywhere on earth or something. My fact is probably horrendoususly wrong.

I’m not sure how long I am here for. I think Im here until I’m ok again. And I don’t even know what OK is. A better sense of self, a re-unionization (re-unificaton?) with art or passion…or just me.

Anyway, it helps to write and I am an oversharer so wrote this and and writing more of it.

I awoke at 4am this morning.

Strange bed, strange sounds, my brain screaming at me with several things all at once, so I just put my trendy cardigan on and went out with the camera.

Everything was so quiet and so blue, I took these photos. Like an art chap would do. An art chap in an ACE cardigan.




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