My brain had hit the end of it’s tether. I snapped, broke and found myself on a plane to Berlin.


Tired of hashtags, of properness and of #business being done in a way I just don’t agree with, well not agree with, but in a way that I just dont want to be part of.

I was trying to fight it, I was really trying hard to show this other way, but you know what, it’s really tiring and can be really brain lonely…there is another way…

Again, I’ll try not bore of you of the other way, but it’s beautiful. Nothing is for show there, people engage and talk to each other openly, about anything, abstract things like what colours feel like, web content has purpose and depth, there is emotion, ideas, colour, soul and a real bonding of people.

Summary version of why I found myself on that rammed Easyjet flight to Berlin is that I have to give up the fight for a little bit. The fight completely robbed me of my soul and I started to become the people I was fighting against…I was boring.

I’m not fighting any more, it’s really isolating. Don’t get me wrong, there are glorious people around me, I have spent the last few months steering more towards working with people who share my vibe and it’s really made me happy. I’m just going to do things my way now and seek out others who share my rant.

It was Berlin that showed me this…that other place is out there.

There is a far better blog on what I am trying to say about Berlin over on Scribble Scrap Travel

Simply having a bath and standing on a balcony overlooking a suburb of Berlin, the sun shining, trams tramming, people milling made me feel like a new man.

It was the walk I took after this that rewired my brain.

Flower shops, vegetables being sold on every corner, delicious gnarled tomatoes, white asparagus, glorious deformed fruits of all kinds…

There is just a feel here, something I cant describe. I don’t fit in. Anywhere. I didn’t fit in here either…but nobody else did, and more importantly, nobody cared.

Glorious individual humans all going about their day not giving a shit, wearing what they wanted, not worrying how clean their car was, how pressed their clothes were, how nice they smelt…just living.


This openness, not giving a shit, expression of soul, this thing I just cant describe, is just beautiful. You can feel the creative energy in the air, any idea is a good one, it feels like the streets are just pulsating with imagination and people pushing the boundaries…I’m aware how wanky that sounds.

These people come together and work in shared spaces, share ideas, connect and engage.

…its not about #business growth or even #business. It’s about creating, well it is for me.

Screw the shiny shiny office, the hundreds of members of 9 to 5 staff…it’s about embracing opportunities, opening yourself to them, seeing new things, listening to new ideas and being a more interesting person because of it, and then that power oozing into your work.

Does this make any sense?

Most likely not, I was always awful at English.


My brain is now open. I’ve been asleep for so long, and its Berlin that awoke that in me. I’m in the other place now.

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  • Thank you for the mention 🙂 I love this post and I love the fact you loved Berlin as much as I did. The line that resonated with me was:

    “There is just a feel here, something I cant describe. I don’t fit in. Anywhere. I didn’t fit in here either…but nobody else did, and more importantly, nobody cared.”

    Yes, precisely! I felt like I could disappear at any time and no one would give a shit, but, simultaneously, I felt a real sense of belonging. Weird!

    Best of luck with your journey – looking forward to reading more.

    • Burning Windmill says:

      Bless you so much for reading, I think I found you from Mark Wein’s epic food blog. Very inspired by your adventures! Looking forward to reading more!

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