Forest Romp

I like forests. I seem to do my best work there. Whenever I don’t quite feel right, or am not sure what to do, or just need to escape, I always go to a forest. The smell, the damp misty air, the silence. Just wonderful.

Tired Flowers

I was looking at these for ages. Still poorly and having one of those feeling sorry for yourself type of days were you just sit down, watch awful TV and eat ice cream. I kept looking at these flowers. Then they became something.

Just some grass

I’m poorly, man poorly today. I just want to find some warm land and snuggle into it. Its gone so cold. So odd that just a couple of days ago I was taking this photo and sweating! More of these days please Mr.Weather Jesus man.


It was a lovely day for it. As soon as Alex saw the sample photos of the pump house he was up for it, so off we went! It seemed a little easier getting in this time. Maybe I’m getting fitter?

Magic Woods

I had a whole day just to myself today. There was a full tank of petrol and nothing but a direction. It was beautiful to just drive and get lost. I ended up in some magical woodland full of bluebells and gnarled fallen trees. The light was just perfect. I’d like to think I’d be able to get back on early sun rise or sun set. Or even in torrential rain. Ohhhhh now that’s an idea.

More Lancaster Urban-ness

Another adventure in the urban world. There is something wonderful about these abandoned places. My mind goes wild thinking of the people who used to work there, their hopes, dreams…where are they now. I’m so poetically minded this evening.

The Pump House Lancaster

It was an adventure style type of day. I always past this building every day. It doesn’t look like anything from the outside. It’s a boring looking building. From looking at it on the outside you would have no idea that such treasures are within. It’s so quiet inside, just the passing rumble of a train and the sound of the grass and trees having a lovely summer time sway. It’s also incredibly dangerous, but well worth it for the images. I now need to try and do something better with the place. And for those that enjoy watching adventures,... Read some more...

The Garden

There is far too much work to do today. But the sun is shining, the air is filled with that glorious warm taste and I just needed to take some photos. I couldn’t journey far from the computer so the garden had to do. I do like bluebells

Glasson Docks

It was lovely to get out and about with the camera today down at the glorioius glasson docks. I didn’t know there were some epic big abandoned boats there though! Shoes off, I ventured down to get some images. And then started to sink. Quite quickly. I didnt stay long.

183 Times Greg Haines

I’m not entirely sure why I made this, or what it is. I’ve always adored film and the feeling or warmth it captures that digital just misses out on. When I was editing it I was listening to Greg Haines, this track came on and the two just seemed to fit.


I never really had one of those pieces of music that I could listen to over and over, one of those trendy desert island discs. I think I have now. I am obsessed with Max Richter. The simplicity, beauty and emotion that he can cram into his work is just epic. It’s all quite sad stuff. Listening to it makes me see things in my brain. Sunny days, warm winds, silence and calm.

Selling everything – becoming a minimalist

I know it’s trendy and everybody is doing it. But minimalism really spoke to me. I first came to hear of it from the epic Jenny Mustard (click here for site) A lot of what she was saying resinated with me. I had a lot of stuff. Boxes of computer crap, tv’s, car, books, photos, nick nacks, furniture, oH MY GOSH SOOOO MUCH STUFF. But I liked being surrounded by it…or at least I thought I did…look at this average morning in my living room: (edit) – Why the hell did I have a Sky remote?! – I have never... Read some more...

Alone in Budapest

So to Budapest. I’m sure I’ll read this back in a few weeks/months/years, (I’m hoping for weeks) and be in a better place. I’m in an odd place at the moment. The last year was a bit of an epic one. I was hanging on to a life that had already gone. The longer I held on, the longer it seemed to get stale or something. The only way out seemed to just get out. So here I am. Sad in a flat in Budapest, writing this. I’m not even sure why Budapest, I think the decision was solely made... Read some more...

Stuck in a castle

Annually I go in search of ‘The Orange’. One of my favourite orange places to go is the castle over at Anglezarke/Rivington. Rejoice and enjoy in the orange tones.

The art

Yes another boring rant. I’ve been plagued for years. At least since university. I’ve been plagued with this thing I call ‘The Art’. I have no idea what the fucking hell it is. All I know is that it lives in my heart and every now and then bubbles up to the top and spews out as awful rants such as this one. It’s some desire to create, to create something truly beautiful. Something game changing, something that makes people think, makes them cry, something perfect. Some perfect ‘thing’…I have no idea if this is music, art, video, painting, food…I... Read some more...

Not having buffets in Las Vegas

I had been looking forward to Vegas for ages. I’d heard it was Disneyland for grownups, a place where any pleasure is available at any time of the day. The plane took blinking ages, I’m a chap that can’t sit down, can’t watch TV and can’t play computer games. I always have to be doing something, so 11 hours sat on a plane didn’t play nicely with my body and mind. Luckily James Martin had prepared me an awful lunch. As always there was a manic rush to get off the plane, being a cool trendy guy I thought I’d... Read some more...

So what now?

I’m not sure. I was happily plodding along, wearing my suit, my shiny shoes, turning up to my office super early, staying really late. (All the offices bits are true, the clothing less so.) Working like Christopher the hard worker. I think I then cracked. I’d been in that office for years, and previous offices for even more years. All of a sudden I realised that wasn’t me. I developed some kind of sickness or hatered towards hashtag corporate land. Why am I sat here doing this? I used to be a real arty lad doing all kinds of adventures…now... Read some more...

Meeting Warm

I enjoy the warm. I enjoy that gloriousness of getting stuck to your chair, that first dribble of sweat down your back, that stingy burn starting to sizzle on your arms. I’ve always adored the uncomfortableness of warmth. Many unfortunate people around me have been forced to indure ‘Holiday Recreation’ which is basically sitting in the car on a warm ish day (smaller the car the better) with the heater on full and windows rammed shut. I always sat in cars abroad looking at the temperature gauge, wishing, persuading…begging it to go above 100. Flips flops melting to your feet,... Read some more...

Nothing in Iceland

This isn’t a write up, a travel guide or anything you should follow if you have landed here looking for Iceland related things. Loads of people are doing that really ace, so I’ll do something else. I’m drawing a line under the bizarre conditions about how I ended up here and won’t even go into any depth about how I spent an hour in a police station in Reykjavik…it’s not what I want to ramble to you about. I don’t actually know what I want to ramble about. I think it’s the nothing… I’m not saying here is nothing, there... Read some more...

Berlin changed my world

My brain had hit the end of it’s tether. I snapped, broke and found myself on a plane to Berlin. Tired of hashtags, of properness and of #business being done in a way I just don’t agree with, well not agree with, but in a way that I just dont want to be part of. I was trying to fight it, I was really trying hard to show this other way, but you know what, it’s really tiring and can be really brain lonely…there is another way… Again, I’ll try not bore of you of the other way, but it’s... Read some more...

No food content

Today has been a glorious day. Almost like somebody sent me a day to take a look at the world again. Glorious little moments. The drunken LEGEND in asda who needed help at the scan and pack and nobody would help him. He was simply buying a protractor and butter. I introduced the gentlemen to the barcode. He thought I was a time travelled Marc Bolan. I helped him insert his ‘Copper Man’ into the scan and pack and then packed his bags. He simply looked at me. Held out his knuckles, I joined mine with his. He said “Rock... Read some more...