Gosh this was a scary day, we leave Vegas for death valley, see some sights, visit a ghost town – another rant to come another day on this one! The car then overheats and refuses to continue!

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Highway One to Morro Bay An epic drive to the coast along glorious Highway one. Visiting Monterey Bay for some seafood and then down to wonderful Morro Bay. I fell in love with the place, a little isolated town of seaside surfer lovelyness.
Venice Beach – Loosing Car Keys Today I lost the car keys. This actually turned into a bit of a minor nightmare. I'd assumed they would just have some spare keys somewhere? - Turns out the entire car had to be towed. After the wonderful Chuck towed us to safety, they gave us a new upgraded car full of petrol, so happy d...
California Adventure I've been obsessed with the world of colour/color fountains over at Disney's California Adventure for blinking years. It was time to finally see them. They were good.

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