I need molton cheese. Something from a pig and Some format of crispy chicken.

I adore chicken kievs and chicken cordon bleu. What always worries me is getting the chicken perfectly cooked and the insides gooey. I’m hoping Mr Sous Vide Demi will help tonight.

Here are some chicken breasts


I REFUSE to buy chicken breasts. I REFUSE and stand by others who do and just tut.


The BEST bit of the chicken are the legs and thigh. Glorious, gooey, tasty wonderful thigh and leg.

My breasts are from a whole Asda chicken. The rest remains in the fridge for adventures in the future.

Let us batter the crap out of these breasts


There we go. Lets add some ham and some cheese and some bloody tasty butter


Merge layers together into a mound of happy


This is bound to fail.

We’ll vac pac and hope that it all stays together and no cheesy goodness will escape…


Into the machine we go. 62 degrees for about an hour and a half.

Whilst in the machine, watch this video from the Allstars* from the early 2000’s for the FULL hour and a half on loop

I’m still watching. Are you? The 1.5 hours IS NOT YET OVER

After 1.5 hours of the allstars* we ended up with this…holding together nicely!


We’ll flour him, egg him and cover in breadcrumbs


Into the deep fat fryer AS HOT AS WE CAN until crispy…good luck sir…good luck


He’s looking mighty fine, and little to no cheese leakage


And the final result?


Glorious. A mighty beast of food. The chicken wonderfully cooked. Everything wonderous and tasty. I would have liked to have seen some cheesey melty goo in the cut photo, but it didnt need it, everything was wonderfully moist.

Praise be sous vide.

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