I can’t think of many meals that are more satisfying and all round delicious as the mighty pulled pork slider. No doubt terrible…horrible for your health and insides…but oh my gosh, worth the extra hour taken off my life.

It started with a piece of pork I found in Morrisons for 80p, It was full of fat and looked terrible – for me this is the perfect cut of meat, and ideal for sous vide.

After a good 24 hours at about 70 degrees C, we end up with this horrible looking thing.


Looks deceive you. This glorious moist meat is now shredded and added to vinager, tomato sauce, sugar, Chile and cumin…


Meanwhile homemade coleslaw – please do try this, so easy and you’ll never go back. Shred a carrot and some cabbage into some coleslaw, lemon and mustard


As a final flourish I’ve picked some cucumber…I did originally buy pickled cucumbers and when empty kept reusing the jar


Our vessel for this excellence is brioche. There is no alternative. It must be brioche


Pile it in. Go sit in a warm corner where nobody can see you. Indulge, rejoice in taste.


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