I know it’s trendy and everybody is doing it. But minimalism really spoke to me.

I first came to hear of it from the epic Jenny Mustard (click here for site) A lot of what she was saying resinated with me.

I had a lot of stuff. Boxes of computer crap, tv’s, car, books, photos, nick nacks, furniture, oH MY GOSH SOOOO MUCH STUFF. But I liked being surrounded by it…or at least I thought I did…look at this average morning in my living room:


(edit) – Why the hell did I have a Sky remote?! – I have never had sky!

I decided to get rid of it. Well 98% of it. It felt odd seeing the sous vide machine being sold, saying goodbye to the kitchen aid and the books…oh my gosh the books were difficult.

Do you actually read your books or do you keep the on shelves so people think you’re ace?

I scanned all photos, got rid of all furniture and ended up like this.


Now this was pritty extreme, but I needed to. I needed a complete life restart. I needed to start having adventures and creating things..the things that I adore and the things that stay with me.

Having all that stuff was ace, but was drives me is making and feeling.

I then went off to Budapest for a month to have a settle down and work out what’s going on. That was needed so much. It made me realise where I am, what I am and what I need to concentrate on.

I’m now back on the home soil…but still not ‘here’. The house is pritty empty apart from the absolute essentials (re-bought the sous vide machine!)

I own some cameras, a computer, some clothes and a telly I can sell if the winds take me somewhere.

There is something so fresh, so free knowing that you can just go anywhere, at anytime, take any opportunity, try new things out and just live life, have experiences, make things, do bad things, do good things…make things.

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