I’m not sure.

I was happily plodding along, wearing my suit, my shiny shoes, turning up to my office super early, staying really late. (All the offices bits are true, the clothing less so.) Working like Christopher the hard worker.

I think I then cracked.

I’d been in that office for years, and previous offices for even more years. All of a sudden I realised that wasn’t me. I developed some kind of sickness or hatered towards hashtag corporate land.

Why am I sat here doing this?

I used to be a real arty lad doing all kinds of adventures…now I sit in an office.


The life was sucked out me and I didn’t even notice, I was trapped.

Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy what I do and adore working with fellow brained people, but just being in a land that wasn’t mine felt odd. Out of nowhere I felt like a sexy alien, or an intruder…you know what I mean, that feeling you get of just not belonging…it was that…I felt sick.

A manic run away to Germany and then to Iceland were the nails in the coffin for that shiny shoe wearing (once (at a wedding)), office sitting, note taking guy.


With the lease finally being up on the office I am free.

I’m finally free. I can work from anywhere, I have gorgeous odd clients that I can work with, not being in an office has actually increased the level of enquiries I get, being free and flexible seems to be tickling people’s boxes.

So what now?

I’m not quite sure why I ended up here in lovely Preston, it’s not my home town (Not that I want to be there either) and I feel a similar not belongingness here.

I have a month left of the tenancy of my house, then I’m thinking its time for the next adventure, the next chapter of me. My soul needs filling with goodness, inspiration and new things, things I don’t know about, things I have never seen, tasted or touched.

Options so far are:

  1. Live in a camper, do a tour of UK, meet people I havent met, drive around europe, work from anywhere and everywhere
  2. AirB&B – Spend a month in a different country constantly moving
  3. Go to a city – I’ve never lived in a city – I think I’d like it.

You’re suggestions are welcome and demanded – let me know below in the comments!

I bet you’re glad this wasn’t a vlog!

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