I enjoy the warm.

I enjoy that gloriousness of getting stuck to your chair, that first dribble of sweat down your back, that stingy burn starting to sizzle on your arms.

I’ve always adored the uncomfortableness of warmth. Many unfortunate people around me have been forced to indure ‘Holiday Recreation’ which is basically sitting in the car on a warm ish day (smaller the car the better) with the heater on full and windows rammed shut.

I always sat in cars abroad looking at the temperature gauge, wishing, persuading…begging it to go above 100. Flips flops melting to your feet, the smell of the tarmac going a bit gooey, a waft of salty warm air…

…But possibly my favourite warm is when you first meet her… Being inside a supermarket, or other fully air conditioned establishment and then as you leave that wall of moist, scrummy heat enveloping you like a delicious curtain of juicy happy.

Don’t worry, I’m still in the heartland, our glorious Preston, but it’s just that little bit better today.


I’m sat on a cushion in the back yard with the cat, laptop and wifi and just for now, it’s ok here. I’m not going in until I’m red and sweaty.

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